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Build A Precision Mechanical Orrery Model- Factory Direct

This unique design features an exposed gear train that controls the speed and ratio of the orbits of the eight planets and moons as they move around the sun. Made from solid brass, the gears and polished and lacquered to minimise tarnishing.

Solar System Eight Planet Metal Assembled Model

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- Precision engineered brass gears

- Unique exposed gear train

- Simple assembly with clear instruction

- Includes electric motor and adapter

- Features eight planets and their moons


Where Our Model of the Solar System Will Go


    Original designed solar system desktop decoration, which 8 planets make up the solar system? What is the diameter, orbital rate, and rotation rate of each planet? What substances are planets made of, and does life exist? The solar system planetarium satisfies your infinite reverie of space and is the choice of space fans.


    This solar system planetary instrument will not only make scientific and mechanical engineering technicians excited, And it is very suitable for home decoration, school teaching, company office display and personal collection, etc. It is the perfect gift for children or adults that is irresistible and satisfying.

What’s in the kit?

Let's dive right into this unboxing adventure and unveil the celestial beauty that lies within this box. Join me as we embark on a journey through space and time, exploring the wonders of our very own solar system.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is an orrery?
  • Why are they called orreries?
  • How do they work?
  • What is an orrery used for?
  • Are they accurate?

Why Choose Us?

Accurate Movement

Precision-made to work together seamlessly. Accurately mimics the movement of planets in our solar system.

Polished Stone Planets

A set of beautiful natural gemstone spheres. Each one is unique and fascinating in appearance.

Brass Detail

Composed of multiple h59 brass gears that it shines with pure gold and gives the Orrery some old world charm.

Hand Assembled

Due to the nature of the materials used each Orrery is carefully hand assembled to ensure proper fit and function.