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Solar System Eight Planet Metal Assembled Model

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- Precision engineered brass gears

- Unique exposed gear train

- Simple assembly with clear instruction

- Includes electric motor and adapter

- Features eight planets and their moons


    Product Size: 34×32×18 (cm)

    Product Weight: 7.05 lb

    Package Size: 48.5×36×28 (cm)

    Package Weight: 11.58 lb


The Brass Solar System Eight Planet Metal Assembled Model

This shows the orrery with the sun and planets lined up. When the motor is activated, the planets orbit the sun at an increased pace while maintaining their proportional speeds and relative position to each other.




Few things are as captivating as an orrery. First, the craftsmanship required to build this remarkable mechanical model is of the highest order. And like a globe, an orrery also serves a practical function. It shows you the relative positions of the planets in the solar system during a given year and month,Mercury, Venus (Venus will rotate retrograde), Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc. all revolve around the sun at different speeds according to specific physical laws.


Design and build custom brass orreries from scratch. 200PCS+ and assembling time is about 20 hours. The base of the orrery is 34cm in diameter. The height of the orrery is approximately 18 cm. The center of Pluto will span to approximate 18 plus Pluto's moons so the total reach would be closer to 20". The Sun is turned from brass bar. The planets are made of natural gemstone.


The clock makers George Graham and Thomas Tompkins designed and built the first modern orrery in 1704, but astronomers and naturalists have been studying the movement of the planets for thousands of years:Through the operating planetary instrument of the solar system, teachers and students, parents and children share astronomy knowledge and tell about our solar system, the 8 planets, the laws of operation, and the characteristics of different planets.


When charged the mechanism is set in motion and the wheels are spinning.This models are high quality and very rewarding, but they are different from other metal model kits and even experienced modelers find there is a learning curve.


Orrery Solar System Model is a perfect gift to say love your creativity.A very ideal present for special occasions or just to share with your family for a fun bonding activity. Additionally, it's a great option for collectible items. Classy decorations for living room, bedroom, offices, etc.

  • Orrery Mechanical Solar System

    The Brass Gear Train

    Design and build your orrery solar system model from scratch. The gear train is intricate and made of exceptional quality H59 brass that shines with pure gold. Each brass gear train is designed to work smoothly and safely.

  • Brass Solar System Model

    The Planets

    The planets are turned from nature gemstones. Each planet is accurately scaled to its position in relation to the others, allowing you to see the relative positions of the planets in the solar system model.

  • Model Solar System Orrery

    Charging Setting

    The model has a plug, and when you plug it in, it starts spinning at the right speed.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is an orrery?
  • Why are they called orreries?
  • How do they work?
  • What is an orrery used for?
  • Are they accurate?

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Customer Reviews
  • Richard
    Great gift for my son. This is a very interesting model. The building instructions are clear and not hard to follow. There are complete tool kits, well packed.
  • Alexander
    I love it !
    Very fascinating and spectacular. I hope people realize how incredibly hard it would be to get those to spin like that.

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Solar System Eight Planet Metal Assembled Model Solar System Eight Planet Metal Assembled Model
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